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Imagine Posters
Great site for finding all of the posters and art prints available on the net. And can add links to the pages for FREE.

Magik Posters-Your #1 Poster Resource
Poster articles, and resources to the best sources of posters and art on the internet.

Trading Post
A site for fans to trade and collect rare, out of print and unreleased music via email. Includes an archive of show dates.

Stones People Magazine
Dutch/English print fanzine by deejay Willem van Kooten, issue contents and picture previews on line.

Endless River
Information about the print magazine devoted to Simple Minds.

Glocken Verlag: The Music of Franz Lehár
Official publishing company. Includes illustrated biography and timeline with historical background, operettas, catalogue, music in print, discography, bibliography, links, performances, and message board.

David Neale's Elvis Site
Includes songography, books in print, memorabilia, fan clubs information, and links.

Online Ukulele Chord Generator
Over 1,000,000 chords in an easy to read format. Display or print a list of your favorite chords in any tuning.

Rhubarb - Rhubarb
[Birmingham, UK] Rhubarb-Rhubarb runs the annual International Festival of The Image in Birmingham in July. The festival revolves around exhibitions, talks, a print auction and the portfolio review event.

Ready Fire Aim
A&R directory, print magazine listings, tip sheets, and articles.

The Strad Magazine
The site for the monthly print magazine for string players, teachers, students, makers and dealers. Read sample contents online, browse The Strad shop for books, CDs and posters. Strings business and education directories.

Articles on the use and abuse of photography in media today, an archive of past issues, and information on the print version.

Print fanzine that has changed to an annual book format. Includes contents of back issues.

Mandolin Chord Generator
Display or print chords from user-defined settings, including left and right-handed views.

Prince In Print: Prince
A black-and-white history, including album reviews, interviews, news articles and chart positions.

L'hommage: Nina Simone
Tribute contains biography, discography, photographs, print ads, media, links, and audio clips.

Under the Radar: "Better Off Than Dead, Elliott Smith Comes Clean"
Article on Smith's treatment and work on "From a Basement on the Hill," with details on new songs and quotes not used in the print version.

Opera Journeys Publishing
Offering a full line of mini guides, opera classics and libretti. Available in print and downloadable eBook formats for purchase on-line.

The Journal of the Violin Society of America
Information, indexes, sample articles, and ordering information for the hard copy print journal.

Haas, Ernst (1921-1986)
Official website for the color pioneer and onetime Magnum member, containing his writings, biography, print sales, and images.

Douglas Gordon Lilburn
Biography, photograph, and list of print resources from Classical Net.

5-6-7-8 Dance Magazine
Web and print. Articles, news, teachers, directories, dance music, videos, Swing, Country, Hustle, Lindy, Line Dance, Shag, events calendar.

Wally Crowder
DGA director, 2nd Unit Director, Stunt Coordinator and high performance stunt driver. Specializing in fights, fire, television, features, commercials, print, underwater coordination and all types of film action.

Fansite includes computer downloads, pictures, print-outs and links.

Andreas Daams
Brief biographical note, list of some works in print from Copy-US.

Historic Italian Organ Document Archive
A repository of documents about the historic Italian organ, such as important historical texts, out-of-print journal articles and references to significant newly- published materials or recordings.

Hyland Designs
A Christmas tree chart to print out.

Argerich, Martha (b.1941)
Excerpts from a 1979 interview with Dean Elder; in-print discography; reviews.

Scarlet Street
The magazine of mystery and horror. An good selection of articles from the print magazine. Ordering information.

Unrestricted mailing list for CD-R trading of out of print, hard to find, and bootleg Harrison CDs.

An on-line store selling rare and out-of print ballet books, programs, original photographs and autographs, from the Pavlova and Diaghilev period to now. Interesting items added frequently. Free search for any item not listed.

Aktivität Online
Web version of a defunct print fanzine. Includes a large archive of articles, news about the group, and some new articles written after the print version was discontinued.

Elizabeth Maconchy
Extracts from a BBC interview in RAM audio, photograph, print biography, and short list of key works.

Stick It
This print magazine, with companion audio CD, contains articles on drumming and keyboard percussion.

All Music Guide: Brian Eno and Robert Fripp - Headcandy
Review of this out of print CD-ROM by Roch Parisien, score 2 of 5. "...trippy light shows of the psychedelic '60s."

Holingshausen Needlework Design
Canadian designer Helgard Verge offers three Christmas-themed charts to print out.

Jungle Records Bio
Excellent Thunders timeline that tracks his entire career. Also includes the Introduction to 'In Cold Blood' the out of print biography. (Site also has a good selection of JT albums)

The Official Harry Chapin Web Site
Created by Harry's family to share stories, old films, poems, and unpublished music. Purchase out of print releases, early music, and special re-releases from store or learn about special related concerts.

Alternative Process FAQ
Introduction to alternative photographic processes: Nonsilver, antique and unconventional ways to print photographic images.

Rykodisc Records
Reissued 3 formerly-out-of-print albums in April, 1999; track lists and sound clips [RealAudio], news, tour information and a message board.

Rainbow Ceramics
African print and African ethnic hand painted ceramics and pottery from Cape Town, South Africa.

Elvis in Print
Publishing information and reviews for some 300 titles about Elvis Presley.

Science Fiction in Movies and TV
A bibliography of resources in print, concerning history and criticism of the theme in film and television.

PolymerCAFE Magazine
Quarterly print magazine exploring the art and craft of polymer clay. Subscription information and a submission area.

the ringworld
The most comprehensive English-language site available on the Ring (aka Ringu) and its many print, theatrical, and television versions. Includes downloads, links, history, and a fan community.

You can print free sheet music of high quality. Also a forum for interpreting sheet music.

Aimee Mann in Print
Newspaper and magazine articles from 1983 to the present.

KILNA's InSoc Site
Large collection of photos and articles about Information Society, taken from out-of-print magazines and other sources. Brief timeline of the band's history, and lyrics for most songs from the first three albums.

The Frank Bridge Trust
Official site. Selected music in print, recordings, books, and information on performance grants and contacting the society.

The Strad
Violin magazine. Current and archived articles from the print version of the magazine. Subscription information and links.

Origin Natural History Media
New Zealand film and print production company specializing in images and stories about the environment, natural history and adventure tourism. Description of services.

C.C. CATCH Song Lyrics
Read, download and print song texts.

The Gospel Truth!
Artwork, information, multimedia, and links. Coloring sheets to print out.
Blank sheet music to print for free, supports multiple keys and formats, guitar and bass tabs too.

Adequate Anime: Cosplay Bingo
Contains rules for a bingo game you can download and print from the site.

Rykodisc: The Undertones
Profile of the band and information about their discs currently in print in the USA, with RealAudio.

Church Starfish Tabbook
Download a copy of the Church Starfish Tab Book (out-of-print) in pdf format.

Trocadero Films Library
Dedicated to the restoration of rare, out-of-print and obscure films.

Archives of African American Music and Culture
Provides access to oral histories, photographs, musical and print manuscripts, audio and video recordings, and educational broadcast programs.

Scott Powers Studios
New York City. Offers on-camera programs in film, daytime drama, commercials, commercial print, corporate videos and monologues. Contains programs and contacts.

Casting call audition information for television, films, national commercials, print work, articles, forums, and free email accounts for all entertainers.

Outdoor Photographer
Offers tips, camera and equipment reviews, and articles from the print magazine.

Potpourri and Roses
Print publication that covers everything from punk to polka or any independent music. Has subscription information and table of contents for each issue.

Progressive and electronic music record label, and online version of the print magazine. Includes a profile, articles, and a catalog.

Theodore Pachelbel
The other Pachelbel brings music to Colonial America in a production from the University of Houston's College of Engineering and radio KUHF. Print transcript with RM audio of Episode 1189.

McCabe in Conversation
Interview with Birmingham Post music critic Christopher Morley. In Real Audio RAM format; 53 minutes. Print transcript in HTML.

The Wire Magazine
Information from the print magazine, music news and events, and links to music sites. Magazine covers a wide range of styles.

Discovering Douglas Lilburn
Questions about his life and works designed as a school study aid. Includes suggested links, print references, and CDs.

T Bone Burnett Discusses His "American Roots Music"
Audio and print report from NPR Weekend Edition Saturday.

PowerPuff Portrait Studio
By Avrum Cohen. Make a character with an interactive program and print it.

Really Deep Thoughts - The Official Tori Amos Fanzine
Online edition of the print zine.

Bass Player Online
Online magazine featuring articles and tips. Upcoming articles, print copies, and news.

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